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Fri 09, 2015

Bhuvana Resort, Hotel & Residence is an area that has the feel of a resort, with one of the advantages of natural sc

Tue 10, 2011

  •  Company : PT DKU •  Type : Water Park •  Location : Serpong, Tangerang

Mon 06, 2016

  Company : PT PGP | Type : Landed House | Location : Bogor, West Java | Launched : 1993 | Total Area : 170 hectar

Thu 09, 2015

Kebagusan City is in a strategic location with the cool air and beautiful. Kebagusan City brings more comfort to th



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Welcome PT. Perdana Gapuraprima.Tbk Official Website

PT. Perdana Gapuraprima.Tbk is one of the national property enterprise which has been acting more than 30 years in the development of property projects either from simple house, real estate, commercial, hotel and mixed used project in Indonesia...


PT. Perdana Gapuraprima.Tbk was founded in 1980 by Gunarso Susanto Margono Startlingly of building a housing complex in Lampung, Bekasi and Bogor. Now PT. Perdana Gapuraprima.Tbk has become the developer of apartments, offices and trade center not only in Greater Jakarta, but also in other major cities such as down-town Bandung, Solo and Bali.

Until now PT. Perdana Gapuraprima.Tbk has built more than 30 projects spread across the island of Java and Bali and will keep expanding to the whole of Indonesia

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Perdana Gapuraprima Tbk. (GPRA.JK)
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